Sean Mason- drumset

Sean grew up in a family of musicians, and was part of the live music scene from an early age. His father Bob Mason (who had a brief stint on drums with rock band The Fugs, an early inspiration of groups like The Mothers of Invention) would take him to his gigs and live shows, letting him meet and listen to many jazz and rock players of the late 80s and early 90s.

With this inspiration, Sean started studying symphonic percussion and jazz at age 13, and quickly helped lead a highly competitive high school big band that dominated regional competitions. At the same time, Sean was playing in grunge bands and branching out from the garage to the clubs. Within a short time, Sean was the go-to-guy for rock, blues, and Top 40 gigs in the Bloomington, IN area.

Meanwhile, Sean spent his free time as an apprentice studying West African drumming, with the focus on accompaniment rhythms. He continued his percussion journey with master classes on Latin percussion, North Indian classical tabla, and frame drumming, while taking various music courses at the local university, all before the age of 18.

By the time Sean was in college, he was playing professionally several nights a week, and his original band Bono Pi was getting work on the festival circuit, opening him up to bigger and brighter musical possibilities. During this time he also started developing his turntable skills, continuing his journey to find that deep pocket.

After several years of working in the Indiana regional scene, Sean relocated to Asheville, NC. He found himself playing in all sorts of settings, genres be damned. He has had the opportunity to play with some of his favorite Southeast musicians, such as Kofi and Oteil Burbridge, Jeff Sipe, Count M’Butu, Grant Green, Jr., Ike Stubblefield, and Yonrico Scott, to name a few.

In between making records and videos with Zansa, you can catch Sean with several groups in the Asheville area, including Vertigo Jazz Project and Sean Mason Trio. Check for updates.